MoVFTY - Reunion 2001

31-Aug thru 2-Sept


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Victor Irving Marvin Emanuel Viking Borowitz MoVFTY, Jr.



Bob Barth (Shaare Emeth, StL '70)
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Lynn Rosen Barth (Shaare Emeth, StL '69)
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Jan Stone (B'nai Jehudah, KC '70)
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Patti Orenstein DeWoskin (Shaare Emeth, StL '71)
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Barb Walts (Shaare Emeth, StL '72)
& Daughter (sorry, but I don't know her name.
First time we met.
If YOU know, e-mail me.)
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Bill Glass (B'nai Jehudah, KC '70)
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Marvin Walts (Regional Advisor - for a really LONG time)
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Dave Zemel (Shaare Emeth, StL '67),
Mike Walts (Shaare Emeth, StL '70),
Jane Glazer Rips (Mount Sinai, Sioux City '70)
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Harlan Rips (Temple Israel, Omaha '69),
Valerie Hyman (Shaare Emeth, StL '69),
Morty Milder (Shaare Emeth, StL '69)
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Valerie Hyman and Ellen Jaffe (Temple Israel, StL '71)
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Jan Stone (B'nai Jehudah, KC '70),
Ellen Davis Sullivan (Shaare Emeth, StL '70)
and Morty Milder
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Dan Adler (B'nai Jehudah, KC '70),
Uncle Marv (background, caught at a bad moment),
Roger Lopata (Shaare Emeth, StL '70)
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Stacie Arck Bleicher (Temple Sinai, Denver '72),
Debbie Klugman (B'nai Jehudah, KC '70),
Bob Bleicher (Temple Israel, Omaha '70)
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Stone, Walts, Davis, et al.
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Jeff (Titch) Titchen (United Hebrew, StL '70)
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Uncle Marv getting Special Recognition Award from
Gary Kaplan (Temple Israel, Omaha '67)
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Hospitality Suite, back at the hotel. Looking at all the old stuff
Bill brought, as he lurks in the doorway.
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Nancy Feldman (United Hebrew, StL '70),
Mike Levitt (B'nai Jehudah '70),
Debbie Klugman and Gary Kaplan. 19.jpg - 52754 Bytes

Walts, Walts, Walts (damn, there's a bunch of them),
Barth, Holly (Mrs Breiner, I think),
Steve Singer (United Hebrew, StL '73),
Jerry Breiner (United Hebrew, StL '72).
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Bob Barth and
Lew Friedland (SPRIFTY, Springfield, IL '70)
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Bob Barth at 2:00 a.m. after singing everything,
including Maguni Mapulaleh...MY personal favorite!
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Bill Glass, with tripod in hand
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Hangin' 'round at that picnic. Chat & Face time.
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Barth, Davis & Adler ... during face time.
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Patti and Barbie with high school friend 'Little Mary'
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Dan Adler and
Jodi Trachtman Samuels (Temple Emanuel, Wichita '71)
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Jodi & Bill
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Steve Singer eating a whole pan of brownies.
He claims there was only ONE left in there.
Right, Steve.
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Steve looking at old pictures ... a 1968 MoVFTY Yearbook.
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Steve & Bob. (that's 3 in a row with Steve.
Need to change the subject here!)
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Judy Lippman Redpath (Friedman Club, Denver '69),
Bob and Morty
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Jan Stone
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Sydnie Meltzer Kleinhenz (Shaare Emeth, StL '71)
You now, as I took this picture she swung and missed.
I have another picture where she also swings and misses on the next pitch.
I gave up! The next pitch she corked! Go figure.
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Sydnie, victorious!
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Somebody said 'Quick go get a picture of
Barry Mack (B'nai Jehudah, KC '68)
before he hurts himself and quits playing'.
[Actually they said that without the stuff in parentheses.]
The next thing I knew, he was looking for
a lawyer and a cardiologist... in that order.
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Ellen Friedberg Sway (B'nai Jehudah, KC '64)
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I forgot his name too (senior moment?).
But he's singing to Ellen Jaffe
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Well, the kids have all grown-up.   They're not teenagers anymore.
Time to kick back and relax.   You did a damn good job.
Thanks, from all of us.
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From ALL of us, and MANY MANY more like us.